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Playstation 4K Confirmed by Sony

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After months of rumors and speculation it has finally come! Sony has plans to release an upgraded version of the PS4 with 4K support. Yes it is still in development but this is great news! It is on the record! This will be deemed a "High End" device and will cost more then the usual $350 model. There will be no showing at the E3 conference sadly. So we will just have to sit and wait. Only to make sure there is no impact on current sales for the PS4 unit. It is not intended for a replacement unit but as a compliment for the standard PS4. Boasting massive visuals current PS4 and will come with 4k support for all games. All developers will have extra work to do with this console. Sony made the claim that this specific console will be profitable out of the gate and they will not take any loss financially. It is slated to launch before autumn of this year.