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Game of Thrones Season 6 – Returning 4/24/16

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Game of Thrones Almost Back!

Game of Thrones is returning to HBO in just a few weeks. Aren’t we all eager to see how the citizens of Westeros continue to battle for the throne. Season 6 will be especially unique because it is the first season that won’t have a novel to base the story from. Additionally, HBO has hinted that Game of Thrones will end after Season 8, adding the pressure of adequately finishing the myriad of stories that have been introduced.
Regarding Arya’s journey, her death list is getting increasingly short. Arya began repeating the names of those she’d like to personally kill as a coping mechanism when she began her life as a refugee. Specifically, it was during her imprisonment in Harrenhal where she would imagine taking the lives of both her captors as well as those responsible for beheading her father Ned.

She has personally seen to the death of Polliver, Rorge, Meryn Trant, and (presumably) the Hound. Additionally, a series of outside events took a few of her other enemies, leaving the list down to three: Cersei Lannister, Walder Frey, and The Mountain (who was likely revived last season). With only a few seasons left, Arya will have to pull a Daredevil and find strength in her newfound blindness before traveling back to get her revenge on those in King’s Landing and The Twins.

While Arya’s story is intriguing enough, Maisie Williams also referenced that there are fewer and fewer people trying to fight for the Iron Throne. Starting with Season 2, there have been a handful of potential kings trying to gain power and win the kingdom. Additionally, we followed Daenarys’ journey from across the narrow sea. After 5 Seasons and a ton of death is appears that the only big power players are The Lannisters, The Boltons (who are just trying to keep Winterfell at this point), and Dany herself.

Although she’s in a precarious position at the moment, I look forward to Daenarys finally getting to Westeros and battling for the Iron Throne. We’ve been watching her grow and mature for years now, and the time has finally come for her to interact with the rest of the ensemble.