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Microsoft's Xbox One X November 7th 2017

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Microsoft revealed its new Xbox One X console on stage at E3 today, and now the company is announcing the price: $499.This new console will debut on November 7th priced at $499, exactly $100 more than its main competition the Ps4 Pro. Sony is planning to hold its own E3 press conference tomorrow night at 9PM ET, and its possible the company could announce its own PS4 Pro price cut to counter Microsoft's more powerful console.

Nintendo says popular video services like Netlfix, Amazon video and Hulo will come to switch. But when?

A big criticism of the Nintendo Switch has been the absence of non-gaming features, including support for streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon video. The company addressed this issue in January, telling fans this functionality was “being considered/more then likely.” And, speaking to The Washington Post this morning, Nintendo America's chief operating officer, Reggie [...]

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Nintendo Switch Skins now in stock!

The most highly anticipated hand held device of the year has finally hit the shelves! Nintendo Switch!! Yes we know Zelda Breathe of the Wild is the game everyone is playing with this new device. Most importantly now that you got your gaming device its time to keep it protected. Head on over to our [...]

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Playstation 4K Confirmed by Sony

After months of rumors and speculation it has finally come! Sony has plans to release an upgraded version of the PS4 with 4K support. Yes it is still in development but this is great news! It is on the record! This will be deemed a "High End" device and will cost more then the usual $350 [...]

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The Rumored Xbox One Scorpio

It’s as official as possible without being officially official: According to numerous sources speaking with Kotaku, Microsoft will release a new, more powerful version of the Xbox One (code named Scorpio) in 2017. This doesn’t come as a big surprise, seeing as Xbox head Phil Spencer strongly hinted at an upgraded Xbox One several months [...]

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The Xbox One is to become even More Windows like

You'll be able to speak to your Xbox One in a more natural tone.Your Xbox One is about to talk back to you in a good way. Microsoft’s optional motion-control sensor that’s also a microphone into which people can bark voice commands to make things happen.Today’s Xbox One is a language desert, a place where [...]

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The new PS4. Or is it PS4.5?

It's not a new PlayStation 5 or is it? Sony is rumored to be working on a new and improved version of the PS4 that could debut in 2016. The typical console has a lifespan of three to five years -- after which it is inevitably nudged into obsolescence by its successor. Change may be afoot, however, in light of rumors [...]

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Xbox One Spring Sale Lasting Until End of April

If any of you did not know already, Microsoft launched a Spring Sale for the Xbox One last month, which offered it’s gaming console and bundles with a $50 discount.As of March 20, gamers could purchase the Xbox One and several special edition console bundles at prices beginning $299.There was originally a scheduled hard stop [...]

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New Halo 5 Release Coming – Ghosts of Meridian

Ghosts of Meridian – the latest, free content release for Halo 5: Guardians – arrives next week. The release includes two new maps, new weapons and vehicles, new visual customizations, and more. 343 Industries will be showcasing all the new Ghosts of Meridian content during a livestream on Tuesday, April 5 from 3 p.m. to [...]

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Game of Thrones Season 6 – Returning 4/24/16

Game of Thrones Almost Back!Game of Thrones is returning to HBO in just a few weeks. Aren’t we all eager to see how the citizens of Westeros continue to battle for the throne. Season 6 will be especially unique because it is the first season that won’t have a novel to base the story from. [...]

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